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Appmanager, a professional and affordable app for your business!

  • Android and iPhone
  • Your corporate design
  • Pushnotifications
  • Easy to manage
  • Offline data
  • Starting at € 59,99 p/m

Android & iPhone

With Appmanager, you can create and manage the Android and iPhone app for your business.

Easy to use

You control the contents of your app, every change is automaticaly pushed to all devices that have installed your app.

Corporate identity

You can change the look of the app to the needs of your corporate identity, like color schemes, headings and fonts.

Offline data

All of the data in your app is also available when the device is offline.


With Appmanager, it is possible to send pushmessages to devices that have installed your app.


You have your own professional Android and iPhone app starting at just € 59,99 a month.

  • Over 50% of the US citizens currently use a smartphone
  • Consumers spend 10% more time on apps than on using the internet
  • Android and iPhone devices count for over 82% of the smartphone market
  • The usage of mobile internet will double each year by 50% till 2015

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